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Black as Day
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This web site was created as a service to all FirePolice.

 ISEA has published an updated standard for high-visibility public safety vests

Litehaus ConsultingLitehaus Consulting, has developed a web Based Program to Assist FirePolice in Tracking all aspects of a firepolice organization.

Best part of their consulting services is their "Pay What Its Worth 2U" policy

-Home of the Management Assistant for Fire Police.


Fire Police Prayer..

Almighty God our savior, whenever I am dispatched to serve my fellow man in times of need, I ask you,

To give mo the strength and Guidance to be ever alert and to be consistent within the discharge of my duties,

To be ever mindful of the welfare and safety of all I have been sworn to protect and serve,

To be fair and impartial in the treatment of all persons with whom I come in contact,

To be courteous and never be profane in words or deeds while on duty,

To strive to always be proficient with the talents which you have given me, and to always have the willingness to serve.

And, if during my service to others in times of need, it is your will that I lay down my life, bless always, with your love and guidance, my family and those I leave behind.


This Site is built for the FirePolice Officer.

After many hours of researching the web for a good source of information about and for FirePolice I was very disappointed. This will be an ever growing project with your help.

We need your input on what you would like to see on the site as well as comments on how we can improve the site.

Keep in Mind as many links are not working they are in place for YOU to help me. I hope to have all the links filled along with many more in the weeks and months to come.

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This is a privately owned and operated site for the benefit of Fire Police and medical Volunteers.