MSP Trooper injured in crash on EB I-94 in Macomb County – WXYZ …

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A Michigan State Police Trooper is recovering from minor injuries after his patrol car was struck on eastbound I-94 near Little Mack and Masonic.

(WXYZ) – A Michigan State Police trooper is recovering from minor injuries after his patrol car was struck on eastbound I-94 near Little Mack and Masonic.

According to MSP, the trooper was inside his patrol car with emergency lights activated in the right lane. He was providing coverage for a crash further ahead when he was struck from behind by a vehicle that was traveling in the center lane that had lost control.

After hitting the patrol car, the at-fault vehicle traveled further ahead, striking another vehicle in the rear.

The trooper and occupants of the second vehicle were taken to the hospital. All injuries were non-life-threatening and all have been released from the hospital. The 21-year-old at-fault driver was not injured. 

Police say he will be cited for Fail to Move Over/Yield to an Emergency Vehicle. No suspected alcohol or drugs were observed.

All of the eastbound lanes of I-94 were shut down at Little Mack for several hours as crews investigated.

The road has since reopened.


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