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Special Fire Police

Fire Police in Pennsylvania must take an oath of office, be sworn in by a Judge or Justice of the Peace and be registered with their Townships. To accomplish all of this, they must complete and be certified in Fire Police operations by their county and / or state. and be a member in good standing with their local Volunteer fire company. 

Fire Police by Penn. Law have Police Powers when police are not on scene.  Fire Police may exercise such  police powers as are necessary in order to facilitate and prevent interference with the work of firemen in extinguishing fires and, in addition, shall have the police powers necessary to perform their duties when functioning as special fire police at any function, event, or parade conducted by, and under the auspices of, any volunteer fire company, or any other event, function, or parade conducted by an organization other than a volunteer fire company.

The main function of a Fire Police Officer is to maintain the protection and safety of department personnel and equipment while at an emergency scene. These Fire Police Officers protect the emergency personnel and also protect their vehicles and equipment from damage. 

Fire Police are also there to control the actions of a crowd, and keep them at a distance for everyone's safety. Who knows what hidden danger lies at the scene: explosions, toxic fumes and deadly chemicals which may be unseen and undetected, and many other unstable elements too numerous to mention.

Fire Police will control the flow of traffic to ensure emergency vehicles have a quick, safe entrance and egress to the incident. They may halt traffic, block a road off or detour you in another direction, because of the situation and the dangers involved. Fire Police protect the victims, their valuables and property and preserve evidence at a scene.

How Offten do your Fire Police get a break?
We never get a break during a call
Only if our Captain call in additional help for relief.
We us rehab on all major call just like the firefighter.
break, What is that?
Every 30-45 Min.
Every 45-60 Min.
Every 60-90 Min.
Every Two Hours.
I Wish.

Fire Police Prayer..

Work Area On The StreetsAlmighty God our savior, whenever I am dispatched to serve my fellow man in times of need, I ask you,

To give mo the strength and Guidance to be ever alert and to be consistent within the discharge of my duties,

To be ever mindful of the welfare and safety of all I have been sworn to protect and serve,

To be fair and impartial in thetreatment of all persons with whom I come in contact,

To be courteous and never be profane in words or deeds while on duty,

To strive to always be proficient with the talents which you have given me, and to always have the willingness to serve.

And, if during my service to others in times of need, it is your will that I lay down my life, bless always, with your love and guidance, my family and those I leave behind.


This Site is built for the FirePolice Officer.

After many hours of researching the web for a good source of information about and for FirePolice I was very disappointed. This will be an ever growing project with your help. 

We need your input on what you would like to see on the site as well as comments on how we can improve the site.

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